Everything you need to know about your Future Companion

To start, we want to share with you that any pet makes a wonderful companion and all animals deserve unconditional love!

However, if you are absolutely set on a specific breed for whatever reason, we strongly urge you to NOT purchase this breed from a pet store, a backyard breeder, or a non-registered breeder – do your research to find a reputable, ethical, and responsible registered breeder.

The business models of backyard breeders and pet stores are extremely cruel and driven by profit, which results in sacrificing on care for the animals.

Having discussed the difference between a responsible breeder and a backyard breeder, we can tell you why the kitten you are trying to adopt from us has an adoption fee.

Having a passion for the breed and breeding Maine Coons, while being ethical and responsible about it, will not generate profit for us. It will, however help us to provide our kittens and cats the best quality of life and necessities so that we can continue producing healthy, docile and well- tempered kittens.


Frequently ASKED questions

01 Where are you located?

We are an official TICA registered cattery located in Warner Robins, GA USA

<strong>02</strong> Can we come visit your cattery and play with the Maine Coons?

We are a completely closed Cattery. It would be extremely stressful on our cats if we were to let strangers into our home regularly, let alone to try and touch them.

We do not offer stud services or allow any visitors. Clients who are picking up a kitten with a placed deposit may pick up in person but playing with the cats is not allowed. The visitors may be met outside of our home or only allowed in one allocated room, shoe covers and hand sanitizers will be provided. Usage of bathroom is not allowed.

We take great care with infection and parasites prevention to ensure you get a healthy kitten, most people have pets at home who may carry viruses and parasites that may be brought in the cattery on shoes and clothes. Some people will visit multiple catteries and handle many cats thus then putting ours at risk of contamination if we allow contact. We usually have newborn, unvaccinated kittens and pregnant Dams on site, it would be disastrous if they were to get contaminated.

We FaceTime or Zoom with all our clients at the time of choosing a kitten and up until the kitten is ready for pick up.

<strong>03</strong> Is it okay to declaw my cat?

We do not allow nor condone declawing of our cats or kittens and this would entirely void your kitten application.

<strong>04</strong> When is the earliest I can get my kitten?

We do not release any kittens before a minimum of 12 weeks of age. We reserve the right to retain a kitten for longer than the expected pick up date if we feel he needs more time to mature.

<strong>05</strong> How do I reserve a kitten?

At the moment our reservation process is first come, first served. We do have a free waiting list at the moment, meaning you can fill out the kitten application and keep in touch until there is a litter. A $500 non-refundable deposit is required upon selecting a kitten, which happens after FaceTiming/Zoom and signing a Kitten Contract, this whole process usually takes about 2 hours.

<strong>06</strong> What does a South Maine Coon Kitten come with?
  • TICA registration
  • Copies of parent’s Health Tests
  • Vet checked
  • Vaccinated against: Panleukopenia, Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Feline Bordetella
  • Rabies Vaccine optional as this is an indoor cat and the Rabis shot can wait until after the kitten is picked up.
  • Dewormed with Advocate or alternative at the Vet.
  • Microchipped

* South Maine Coon kittens are not fixed at 3 months of age, this is against everything we believe. A female can be fixed on or after 6 months and a male 8-10months, unless your vet determines it is okay to fix your male kitten a little earlier than 8 months. 

Most importantly you get a guaranteed purring machine! A kitten raised with great care and love. A kitten that’s held and socialized from birth as well as used to interact with children and dogs. We groom our kittens regularly until they are ready to move to their forever homes to ensure you get a kitten that’s easy to groom and receptive to handling. Kitten claws are not cut prior to 12 weeks of age because they can be soft and damage can occur resulting in a cat which will not allow to be groomed and this is why the vet does the first cutting usually if he deems necessary otherwise you will be shown how to do it. Keeping in touch with the forever families is always an important factor, you can always reach out and we love receiving updates.

<strong>07</strong> Are your rates negotiable?
  • Our rates are not negotiable and they are representative of the outstanding high quality kittens we produce. We work with the finest imported WCF Gold champion lines and health test them thoroughly. Current kitten fee is between $3800-$4500.
  • Note: There is an additional fee of $100 if a health certificate is required for pets travelling by plane otherwise the kitten comes with a Health Passport.
<strong>08</strong> Can we pick up in person and can you deliver?
  • Yes, you can pick up your kitten in person at our home or the airport and also we can deliver to you for a fee which is discussed at the time of reservation.
<strong>09</strong> Breeders
  • If you are a breeder please give us some information about your Cattery and goals. We take great care about placing our kittens in suitable homes. We may request more information about your breeding program and may ask for more details/ pictures of the kittens future living accommodations. We only sell our kittens to registered, responsable/ethical and cage free catteries. Mentoring to start your own cattery is a program we can offer.
<strong>10</strong> Are your Maine Coons tested?

All of our Maine Coon Sire and Dams are tested for 

FIV (Feline immunodeficiency virus)

FELV (Feline leukemia virus) 

FCoV (Feline Coronavirus)

HCM (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) 

PKD (Polycystic kidney disease) 

PKDef (Pyruvate kinase deficiency)

SMA (Spinal muscular atrophy)

HD (Hip dysplasia) 

PL (Patellar luxation) 

All our cats are routinely screened for parasites and viral diseases trough fecal testing and PCR

While we want to emphasize that we are very particular about our kittens and the way they are raised, which cats we choose for our breeding program, our breeding program itself, and all we do in this hobby; it takes a lot of time, patience, responsibility and a lot of expenses.

Taking care of kittens and cats requires a great deal of love. They are our children and we treat them as such, and we expect you to do the same. We also want you to know that we request news, pictures and videos very often as we love to see our kittens grow in their forever homes.

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